London Wedding Photographer, Richard Payne

I’m Richard Payne, a London wedding photographer specialising in the reportage-style recording of your wedding day, no matter where in the world it takes place.

I capture all the surprising, funny, charming and intimate moments between the brides and grooms, as well as their family, friends and loved ones.

Inspired by the legendary photojournalist Henry Cartier-Bresson, I aim to capture all the natural emotions of your wedding on both digital and 35mm film, creating a unique set of memories that you will treasure for the rest of your lives.

Richard Payne Wedding photographer

Wedding photos that capture real memories

Even the simplest wedding is made up of many different elements. Some, like the ‘something old, something new’ traditions are comforting and familiar, while others are fresh and modern.

Each event, each couple, each wedding venue is unique: there’s no one-size-fits-all package when it comes to my style of wedding photography.

A blur for the bride and groom

Looking back on their big day, many couples tell me their weddings were a bit of a blur: they often remember some elements but not the whole thing.

Thanks to my sharp eye and camera, my portfolio of photographs will help to fill in the gaps and capture genuine, candid reminders of the emotions and moments you may have missed on your wedding day.

A witness to the real moments

Anyone who attends a wedding can only ever experience the event from their point of view, which means there’s much of it we can’t or don’t see.

In weddings in the movies or on television, the audience doesn’t miss anything because cameras are there to capture all the action.

In the real world, that’s where I come in.

My wedding photography allows you to witness what was going on around you, on your special day.

A photographer’s privilege

Whether you choose to have a simple, stripped-down ceremony on foreign shores, or a lavish, sophisticated London wedding, it is a huge part of your life-long journey as a couple, and the start of a grand new adventure.

As a documentary wedding photographer, my role is to capture those brief moments in a series of beautiful, memorable and emotional photographs.


Wedding photography that puts you in focus

Of course, no great wedding photos would be complete without taking pictures of the happy couple.

As well as some traditional wedding photos you’d expect, featuring family and friends, bridesmaids and groomsmen, I also like to capture some natural photos of you both.

A quiet interlude

Depending on where your wedding is being held, I can take pictures as you both go for a walk, capturing an intimate and quiet moment away from the rest of your wedding party.

I also use this time to take a few more artistic, sometimes posed wedding photos to complement the documentary wedding photography – ensuring you both feel confident relaxed and at ease.

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The wedding preparations

My work as a wedding photographer can begin before you have exchanged your vows.

I will photograph your venue and the surrounding landscape to give a flavour of where your wedding took place.

I will can also be on hand to photograph the lead up to the ceremony among your wedding photos, like waiting to step into your gorgeous bridal dress or put the finishing touches to your pin-sharp suit, for example.

Capturing the finest details

I like to think I’m an intuitive wedding photographer. I’m always looking out for the finer details that other wedding photographers might miss; the way the light falls on the bride’s bouquet; a final tweak of the veil, or carefully tied cravat.

I love capturing the whirl of emotions in your wedding photography, which can happen in a moment; seeing the bonds between the bride and groom, and their parents and close family.

Like the best wedding photographers, I use my cameras to document the growing excitement among the groomsmen and bridesmaids before the time comes to walk down the aisle…

Exchanging your vows

When the wedding ceremony finally gets underway: I’ll be unobtrusively taking photos of you as well as your family and friends.

I’ll photograph everyone’s joy as you, the bride and groom, exchange your wedding vows and take your first steps as a newly married couple.

When it comes to the group photographs at weddings, I make them as stress free as possible: quickly and calmly organising your wedding guests to create line-ups that are natural and authentic.

Let’s get the wedding party started

After the confetti has been thrown, my focus will shift to the reception, watching photographing the guests as the post-wedding speeches are given and everyone starts to eat, drink and chat.

While you and your guests relax and enjoy the fun, I will continue photographing all the interesting moments and beautiful details of your dream wedding day.

As your wedding photographer, I will capture all the fun, joy and passion from that special date, with your chosen wedding venue serving as a beautiful backdrop.


Going beyond the average London wedding photographer…

Henri Cartier-Bresson is regarded as the godfather of modern photojournalism. Famous for the ‘spontaneous authenticity’ he captured on film, many people don’t realise he would spend hours patiently watching and waiting for the perfect shot.

Cartier-Bresson once said:
“A photographer must always work with the greatest respect for his subject and in terms of his own point of view.”

He is a major source of inspiration in my work as a London wedding photographer, as I set about capturing natural moments between you and your bride or groom and your guests.

Hand-printed wedding photography

As well as being a master of candid photography, Cartier-Bresson also happened to be an early user adopter of 35mm film.

It’s a passion I now share in my wedding photography, and offering stylish, black-and-white, hand prints from 35mm film as part of my portfolio of wedding photographs.

It’s a fantastic way to photograph your special day and tell the story of your wedding celebration, whether it’s a snap of a relaxed bride and groom, or a wedding guest giving it their all on the dance floor.

Going the extra mile

What makes my 35mm wedding photography even more romantic are the prints I create from the film: they are done the old-fashioned way, by hand, in my studio.

“We were so lucky to find Richard. We didn’t think we could get something like this for our wedding. The analogue approach is really special, and the contact sheet is truly unique.”

Wedding photography testimonial

It’s always lovely when couples take the time to share their thoughts on my work as a London and international wedding photographer.

The following words are from Emma and David, whose wedding took place in the idyllic Chateau de Massillan in France.

“I was immediately drawn to… his amazing black and white photography but also his relaxed and casual style. I am so pleased we booked him for our wedding.

Getting the ‘money shots’

“To start with, he is the nicest guy and makes you feel really comfortable. We knew we were in safe hands with him! We also knew we could rely on him for lots of candid shots as well as the signature wedding ‘money shots’.

“We had a wonderful time in France with Richard there to capture every moment. Unlike other photographers, who shoot all their film on digital cameras, you get the old fashioned black-and-white film shots with Richard which look incredible and are super special. From the contact sheets alone, I’m already blown away!

“If you want something truly unique and you want a photographer who really knows his stuff, you need to book Richard!”

Let me help tell the story of your wedding day

No matter how big or small your wedding, or where in the world it’s taking place, I will ensure you and your bride or groom has lots of great memories to look back on with your photographs.

Slots for this year are quickly filling up, so if you’d like to book me as your photographer, then please get in touch.


You can email me at, telephone 07831 879729, or fill in my contact form and I’ll get back to you straight away.

Please get in touch if you have any questions