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Richard Payne Wedding Photographer

Becoming a wedding photographer was quite the unexpected journey for me. I initially moved to London to start assisting big-name celebrity photographers, photographing actors, rock stars, and the like on a regular basis, before going it alone and shooting for myself in the editorial and advertising field. But it all changed around 18 years ago when a colleague asked me to shoot their wedding in a photojournalistic style, inspired by the likes of Cartier-Bresson and Capa. He didn’t like the wedding photography that was out there, overly used photoshop techniques and filters, making everything just look the same.

I had shot some documentary work for magazines and newspapers, so taking the plunge, I shot the entire event in black and white on 35mm film, and it was a hit! People loved the candid, authentic feel of the photos. They didn’t look like ‘wedding photos’ but grittier, and the reportage documentary style was only enhanced more by it being shot on real film! The whole collection just looked timeless, real photography.

I’m still in London shooting pretty much the same way as back then. I still shoot the black and white on film, mixed with colour digital, keeping everyone happy. I predominantly shoot in a documentary, reportage style which means you get to spend quality time with family and guests, and not being dragged around your venue and grounds doing hammy poses for me! If and when we need to set up something, like some family shots, I will execute these with speed and efficiency, getting you back to your party asap.

Richard Payne London Wedding Photographer
Richard Payne at Brides show 2

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